Law Enforcement Searches Nationwide for “Dollar Store Grandpa Bandit”

Law Enforcement Searches Nationwide for Dollar Store Grandpa Bandit

Law enforcement agencies nationwide have joined together with the FBI in a manhunt for a suspected armed robber dubbed the “Dollar Store Grandpa Bandit,” The Daily Caller reported.

It is believed the older man is connected to at least eight robberies of Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores ranging from Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan and New York throughout the months of May and June, the most recent occurring in upstate New York in the town of North Greenbush.

“It is possible that he has firsthand knowledge of the operations of Dollar Tree stores which account for seven of the eight he is known to have robbed,” North Greenbush Police Chief Robert Durivage said oFriday, according to the Albany Times Union. “The suspect may have worked for or may have had an unresolved dispute with the company.”

“From all the evidence thus far, we believe the same person has committed most if not all of these robberies. He should be considered armed and dangerous,” Durivage said, adding that his department is working with the FBI and police agencies from the other localities that experienced similar robberies.

According to New York Upstate, the suspect has been described as a white male aged 50-65, just shy of six foot tall and weighing roughly 200 pounds.

He is said to have been driving a newer model Dodge Charger that is either silver or gray that sports a spoiler on the rear and no license plate on the front.

Each robbery begins similarly with the suspect entering the store just prior to closing time while displaying a handgun, stun-gun or pepper spray. He then proceeds to demand employees gather all the cash from the registers and safe before herding them together into a back room.

The suspect also reportedly takes all of the employees phones away from them so they can’t immediately notify police.

Thus far, it appears that nobody has been harmed during the older man’s discount robberies, but police would prefer to catch him before the bit of serendipitous luck runs out.

Here’s to hoping that the “Dollar Store Grandpa Bandit” is quickly apprehended and held accountable for his criminal actions before he strikes again, or, for his sake, before he tries to rob a store where other people are armed and ready for him.

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