Law-Abiding Citizen Shoots Armed Robber in Buttocks

Law-Abiding Citizen Shoots Armed Robber in Buttocks

A north St. Louis man was pumping gas at a Phillips 66 station early Wednesday morning when another vehicle pulled alongside him, a would-be armed robber exited the passenger side and attempted to hold him up.

As KSDK reported, though, that was a bad mistake.

Little did that would-be robber know that his intended victim had no intentions of being robbed, and the law-abiding, concealed-carry permit-holding citizen drew his own weapon and fired at his assailant.

“And right about then a bullet jumped up and bit the robber right in the buttocks,” Forrest Gump would have said. “And that’s when the robber just started a-runnin’,” fleeing the scene on foot.

KTVI reported that the intended victim was unharmed in the incident, and the would-be robber’s accomplice drove off in a different direction.

The two criminals met up at another gas station a short time later, police told KTVI, and the wounded man was ultimately dropped off at a third gas station. And ambulance was called and the gunman was taken to a local hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

No word on whether he’s gotten to enjoy any delicious ice cream while annoying a grumpy “Lt. Dan,” though that perk may have been withheld as police recovered a gun from him and suspected his involvement in a string of other recent robberies.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that same the individuals are suspected of holding up another not-so-lucky citizen in a casino parking lot just an hour earlier, and the car they were driving had been stolen in a carjacking several hours prior to that.

Investigators also suspect the pair was involved in a couple of other armed robberies that occurred late Tuesday night.

Should the police successfully connect the suspects to the several crimes it looks like they committed, the lawful gun-toting citizen should be commended for doing the city a favor by putting a stop to a crime spree that could very well have gotten out of hand if left unchecked.

And that’s all there is to say about that … other than, thanks be to the Second Amendment, and the citizens who exercise their right in a vigilant and responsible manner.

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