LA Wants More People on Food Stamps to Get Federal Money

LA Wants More People on Food Stamps to Get Federal Money

If there’s one thing Democrats love, it is spending (and wasting) tax dollars. If they can create a new program that siphons more tax dollars from the pockets of hard-working Americans, they will.

Case in point: The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has created a special marketing team whose goal is to grow the number of food stamp recipients by 50 percent because of the threat posed by President Donald Trump’s spending cuts on food stamp programs.

On Tuesday, L.A. County Supervisors voted to make senior staff at the County Department of Public Social Services responsible for increasing enrollment in the county’s food stamp program, CalFresh.

The supervisors are also trying to increase the percentage of eligible residents who are participating in the program by 50 percent, from 66.3 percent to 100 percent, Breitbart reported.

The point is simple, and it’s not necessarily about helping the poor: Since Los Angeles County would lose $1.8 billion in federal funding if President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget is approved, as Breitbart points out, the county is trying to increase its welfare caseload as much as possible to keep the federal money flowing.

Participation in the program among Hispanics has dropped recently due to concern that applicants may be targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. According to data compiled from the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health, Hispanics account for which account 59 percent the county’s food stamp participants.

If you’ll recall, California has fought the president’s crackdown on illegal immigration every step of the way, including toying with the idea of becoming a sanctuary state.

In addition, the “California Immigrant Welfare Collaborative,” states that those who fraudulently apply for food stamps would not be reported to immigration authorities unless there is proof that they are in the country unlawfully.

Democrats have created a haven for “eligible residents” with their programs, and now they’ve established a special unit for the sole purpose of finding more enrollees for the food stamps.

The idea should be to encourage people to become self-sufficient, but apparently California doesn’t see things that way. Not if it can earn its elected officials votes from the Hispanic community.

If a liberal ever tries to tell you that Democrats don’t love to waste government money, point them to this story. It is an example that gets to the heart of what Democrats love to do: Find any reason at all to spend our hard-earned tax dollars.

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