Krauthammer: Sessions Exposed The Absurdity Of Russia Probe

Krauthammer Sessions Exposed The Absurdity Of Russia Probe

Political commentator Charles Krauthammer said Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony Tuesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee exposed the ridiculousness of the Russia investigation.

“I think helped himself a lot,” Krauthammer said Tuesday on Fox News. “He basically uncovered or exposed the absurdity of this whole exercise.

“I mean this is supposed to be about Russian meddling in our election. That wasn’t even in an issue,” Krauthammer explained. “Then it was supposed to be about the collusion.”

“There’s not an ounce of evidence,” he added.

“I’m open to empirical evidence, I used to be a doctor,” the Fox News contributor continued. “You show me the facts, I’m willing to change my opinion. You know this has been investigated for seven months. There have been leaks like the Titanic, and yet has there been any leak of anything implicating the president or in the collusion with the Russians? No.”

Krauthammer called the Democrats effort to pin allegations on Sessions “even more absurd.”

“I mean the man says and I think he was right in saying, that the big charge against him came from what was clear innuendo from the (James) Comey testimony, where he implied there was something nefarious that he could not discuss in public, that would have forced a recusal of the attorney general on the Russia case.”

“Of course,” Krauthammer continued, “the story that was then leaked from the closed session where Comey was, the third meeting, which is exposed as a ridiculous charge.

This all lead the nationally syndicated columnist to question why the hearing took place in the first place.

“So where’s the charge?” he asked. “Where’s the crime?”

“Lordy, I’m not a fan of Donald Trump,” Krauthammer noted. “But this seems to me to be a case of all smoke and no fire. Yes, it all looks like this is a cover-up, but where’s the crime?”

“It’s the first cover-up in history in absence of a crime.”

“I thought Sessions did a very good job fending off all of these charges,” Krauthammer concluded. “Where is the evidence of obstruction? I don’t see it.”

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