Is KJU Near Death? Generals Seen Pulling Hillary-Style Support Move

Is KJU Near Death Generals Seen Pulling Hillary-Style Support Move

Our readers no doubt recall the many allegations surrounding the health of failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election season. There was the shocking sight of her near-limp body being supported by aides at the 9/11 memorial, being helped up and down stairs, or on and off stages, not to mention her intermittent coughing fits.

Thankfully, Clinton lost, so we no longer have to keep a close eye on the protective media’s obfuscation regarding her suspected health issues. But there is another world leader whose potential health issues have garnered attention — North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

In 2015, Vanity Fair published a lengthy look at the “enigmatic and unpredictable” Kim that alternated between fawning over and making fun of the portly communist leader.

That piece, which featured a picture of Kim seemingly being supported and held upright by two generals with their arms linked around his, briefly glossed over some of the ailments Kim is suspected to be suffering from– most notably his obesity, extra weight he was purportedly “encouraged” to put on to more closely resemble his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, founder of the rogue regime.

A much more recent article from Heavy regarding Kim’s potential health woes estimated that his weight was approaching 300 lbs., up from just under 200 lbs. as recently as 2012.

Hilariously, they cite a post from The U.K. Sun which claimed that North Korean officials were quietly pleading with their Chinese counterparts to stop calling their “glorious leader” fat, or more specifically, “Kim Fatty III.”

That extra weight, thought to be in part brought on by his love of cheese and alcohol, has likely led to his suffering from gout, diabetes, high blood pressure and potential pulmonary issues, a real concern given his father — Kim Jong Il — is believed to have died from a heart attack.

The extra weight is also thought to have really done a number on his knees and ankles, which were speculated as having been fractured at some point in 2014, the most prominent reason given for his noted and unusual absence from the public eye for nearly a month, an absence from which he returned with a noticeable limp and at times bearing a cane.

Perhaps coinciding and exacerbating those potential health issues is the insomnia that Kim is said to suffer from — sleeplessness likely fueled by his noted paranoia, but which can also be a symptom of underlying health issues. Insomnia can also lead to increased stress, which typically tends to compound other health problems and make them worse.

Added on top of all of that is the fact that Kim is known to be a cigarette chain-smoker, which of course brings along a whole slew of other health issues, and the likelihood that Kim is sick — perhaps even closing in on death — grows greater.

Obviously, given the closed nature and secretiveness of the North Korean regime and the slim amount of verified information we have to go on, this is largely all speculative. That said, we nevertheless feel compelled to ask, is Kim Jong Un near death?

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