Kim Kardashian Gets Roasted After Open Letter Asks for Guns to Be Removed

Kim Kardashian Gets Roasted After Open Letter Asks for Guns to Be Removed

For many years, Hollywood liberals have bemoaned the lack of gun control legislation in the United States, despite the fact that a great many of them have private security guards  armed to the teeth.

Kim Kardashian became of the latest celebrity to get on the gun control wagon when she wrote a post on her own personal blog where she complained about America’s “very little progress in enacting laws,” to keep guns out of hands of criminals, and encouraged everyone to wear orange for a demonstration in June to show their support for stricter gun laws.

Highlighting her sheer stupidity, after calling for more gun control, Kardashian also mentioned the incident where she was robbed in Paris, and wrote about how she was glad she had armed security.

Feel free to roll your eyes. I sure did.

Colion Noir, a host for NRA TV, really went after Kardashian over her ridiculous post, calling her out for being another Hollywood hypocrite who doesn’t know the first thing about firearms, BizPac Review reported.

“Kim, I don’t have a problem with you having an opinion on guns. It’s a free country. If you want to fetishize gun violence awareness by posting a half-naked video of yourself in an orange sweatshirt, more power to you, boo boo,” he stated in a video.

“But I have to call you out on this disgustingly elitist, narcissistic, misleading, flaming hot cheeto garbage of an open letter you wrote. I have to admit, you’re the best spokesperson for this issue because you have a massive audience of mindless, superficial drones at your beck and call,” he continued.

That is a beautiful line. Unfortunately, many Democrats in America fall prey to “fake news” about guns all the time, and many of the legislators on Congress calling for more gun control don’t know the basic about firearms.

“But you’re also the worst spokesperson because your knowledge on the issue doesn’t go beyond ‘like, guns are bad, OK?’” Noir stated.

That’s not nearly good enough for an argument about a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Noir’s video was taken down, but a copy of it was saved and continues to circulate the web. You can watch it here:

That statement really hit the nail on the head. Liberals love to scream about how bad guns are, but they constantly ignore the hundreds of stories about how people with guns defends themselves from burglars, rapists, murders and all the other dregs of society.

Maybe Kardashian should go focus on posting more terrible selfies on the internet and leave the gun control policy discussions to people who actually know a thing or two about the issue.

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