Kim Jong Un Issues Bizarre Response to UN Sanctions

Kim Jong Un Issues Bizarre Response to UN Sanctions

The latest round of U.N. sanctions may have made Kim Jong Un’s country significantly poorer, but it certainly didn’t make its leader’s regime any saner.

On Saturday, a North Korean state media outlet promised “to end the US” over, among other things, the sanctions and the United States’ decision to fly two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula in a “show of force.”

The sanctions, enacted under Resolution 2371, were passed unanimously by a 15-0 vote of the United Nations Security Council, including affirmative votes from China and Russia. According to CNN, the new round of sanctions would cut North Korea’s $3 billion export market by one-third.

“This is a hysteric fit of those taken aback by the DPRK’s continued demonstration of nuclear attack capabilities,” an insane editorial by the state-run Korean Central News Agency published the same day as the sanctions read.

“The more desperately the U.S. works to realize its ambition for ‘nuclear dismantlement of the north’ through ‘maximum pressure and engagement,’ the more dynamically the DPRK has stepped up diversifying and modernizing the nuclear force before the U.S. and its vassal forces come to their senses.”

Because clearly, we’re the ones who need to come to their senses. Just so you know that the Juche regime was absolutely sane, they said their latest ICBM test dealt “a telling blow at the empire of evils which is slapping extreme sanctions while letting out senseless war rhetoric.

“The day when the DPRK is provoked means the end of the U.S.,” the editorial read. “This is our stern warning.

“To the DPRK, the call for military pressure made by the U.S. without reason sounds no more than rubbish and shriek of aggressor and rogue state stunned by the rapid development of the former’s nuclear force and its might.”

According to the U.K. Sun, the latest KCNA editorial came just days after a previous missive urged the United States to surrender.

“Every minute and every second, the new reality that US mainland is on the knife’s edge of life and death is forcing US administration to wave a white flag and fundamentally change her North Korea policy,” that piece read.

“If the US still refuses to accept such a realistic demand and doggedly pursue hostile policy against North Korea in order to save face, she will receive unexpected ‘gift packages’ which we will continue to send.”

It’s clear that Kim Jong Un is more than happy to keep digging his hole deeper, no matter how massive the military advantage his foes have. And, as Saturday’s Security Council vote proved, even Russia and China are getting tired of his antics.

It’s time for Kim Jong Un to accept the only “realistic demand” in this case — the demand that he immediately halt his missile and nuclear weapons programs and agree to follow international law. Perhaps he ought to remind himself that it’s not Barack Obama he’s dealing with in the White House now — and President Trump’s administration is going to deal with this a lot differently than his predecessor’s did.

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