Kellyanne Conway Shocks “Fox & Friends” Hosts With Mystery Cell Phone Call

Kellyanne Conway Shocks Fox Friends Hosts With Mystery Cell Phone Call

Right before “Fox & Friends” returned from a commercial break Friday morning with White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on set, Conway received a call so important that she continued to remain on the phone even as the break ended, stunning the show’s co-hosts.

“Alright, live from Studio F here in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, it’s the No. 1 cable morning news show in the world, and Kellyanne Conway, our special guest right now, counselor to the president of the United States, is on the phone,” co-host Steve Doocy announced as the show returned to air.

“It’s a very important phone call, so we’re going to chat with her as soon as she gets off the phone,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt added.

Meanwhile, Conway spoke into the phone: “Yes, I’m on right now. OK. I’m on ‘Fox & Friends’ right now. Do you want to say hello?”

She then hung up, at which point Doocy asked her the question on everybody’s mind: “Are you talking to the president — is that the president?”

“I’ll never say,” the White House counselor replied coyly as she placed her phone on the table next to her.

Watch the shocking scene unfold below:

Who on earth would she remain on the phone with while appearing on a show? Could it have been a family member? Probably not, guessed Colby Hall of Mediaite.

“If it were an emergency call from her spouse or child, one would presume she would cut the interview,” he noted.

Tim Marcin of Newsweek agreed but for different reasons: “It is possible, of course, that Conway was on the phone with someone else, perhaps for a family emergency, but her tone seemed unconcerned and cheery.”

Clearly, it likely wasn’t a family member with an emergency, but it was someone who appeared very interested in her “Fox & Friends” appearance. Now ask yourself, “Who loves ‘Fox & Friends?’” If you guessed President Donald Trump, then you guessed correctly.

So was it indeed the president? Maybe, maybe not. We may never know for certain, but we can certainly guess, and I’ll personally take Trump for $500, Alex.

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