Keith Olbermann Launches VILE Attack on Barron To Hurt President Trump

Keith Olbermann Launches VILE Attack on Barron To Hurt President Trump

When GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann dared to question whether President Donald Trump actually interacted with his youngest son, Barron Trump, things got, let’s say, heated.

Take a look at what he said via Twitter:

“I did mean to ask, @realDonaldTrump, since you spend all your time golfing, watching TV, and tweeting, have you actually ever MET Barron?” Olberman tweeted Tuesday.

These comments came after the President, revolted, stated that perhaps Mueller and the others investigating him in the Russia probe, should now turn to Barron and make him his target.

Many Twitter users agreed that Olbermann crossed a major decency line with his sarcastic comments:

On the other hand, other liberalistic idealists stated that Trump was the one to blame for Barron’s political exposure at such a young age:

Trump also blocked journalist Jules Suzdaltsev, after he confessed to having contacted Trump, encouraging him to spend more quality time with Barron. He also pointed out that Trump is in no case, a role model.

As Suzdaltsev explained it, Trump benefits from having Barron in the public eye because “tin pot dictators only care about themselves.”

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