Karma! Emmy Awards and Colbert Received Devastating News after Petty Trump Hate Parade

Karma Emmy Awards and Colbert Received Devastating News after Petty Trump Hate Parade

As the Emmys took into the sunset, statistics provided by Nielsen state that the ceremony reached a whole new low in viewership, compared to their numbers for earlier years.

As Variety magazine states, the Emmys got a 2.2 rating from people aged 18-49, which came down to a 9.6 million viewership. Compared to the same time last year, the Emmys witnessed a 0.3 points and 0.1 million drops in viewership at 2.5 with 9.7 million viewers.

Americans apparently sent a clear message to the Hollywood liberal celebrities, saying ‘we don’t want any politics in entertainment and until that changes we won’t indulge you.’  The citizens of America are kind of fed up with all the President trashing for no good reason, and this is their clear response.

This year’s edition focuses on the very same issues- the way Trump turned the country into ruins, sexism, racism, and Islamaphobia.

Host Stephen Colbert felt the need to go as low as he possibly can, while actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus supposedly greeted everyone with an anti-Trump song, containing the following lyrics: “Imagine if your president wasn’t loved by Nazis.”

It wasn’t long after that actress Lilly Tomlin explained Trump was nothing more than an “egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.”

Actors and actresses noded at each and every anti-Trump rant, supporting that had been said, and wanting him out the White House as well. This comes as a natural response after Hillary Clinton lost the presidency in a very humiliating race.  for her race.

Colbert didn’t forget to discuss climate change, but he didn’t seem to be bothered by the huge waste of air by the air conditioning at the venue.

Honestly, did the Emmys think they’ll beat the odds this time around? Were they convinced there was a chance of good performance by offering Americans absurdities?

Well, it seems the people have spoken, and the people don’t like it…like, truly don’t like it.

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Source: conservativemedia.com