Kaepernick ‘appreciates’ sickening video attacking half of America

Kaepernick appreciates sickening video attacking half of America

For someone who is allegedly ready to suit up for an NFL team at this very moment, Colin Kaepernick curiously has been a man of very few words.

Any time he speaks for himself, the topic inevitably leans toward his social activist causes. Which is perfectly fine — if you’re a social activist and not an NFL free agent looking for work.

But one particular social media post speaks volumes about where Kaepernick’s mind is, and unsurprisingly it has nothing to do with football.

Kaepernick took the time Tuesday to tweet that he “appreciates” rapper Eminem for a new vulgar rap video attacking President Donald Trump and his supporters. However one feels about Trump, he was democratically elected and has millions of supporters across America.

(WARNING: Offensive language in the video.)

Eminem rails against the president in the video, which aired during BET’s “Hip Hop Awards” Tuesday.

“This is for Colin [Kaepernick], ball up a fist. And keep that s— balled like Donald the b—- … Any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his [Trump], I’m drawing in the sand a line, you’re either for or against,” says Eminem.

“The rest of America, stand up. We love our military. We love our country. But we f—ing hate Trump,” he adds.

So just to clarify, Kaepernick “appreciates” Eminem’s divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. That’s ironic for someone who claims to be a champion for equality.

Eminem takes some time in the video to mock Trump supporters (again, who make up a big part of America) by using a fake Southern accent while talking about the president’s oft-stated plan to build a wall to stop illegal immigration from Mexico.

The rapper then insinuates that he’d like to kill Trump by throwing him hard against the border wall.

Eminem also yells, “F— you,” to any of his own fans who support Trump.

And Colin Kaepernick “appreciates” all of that. Kaepernick the social activist who is pro-equality and pro-humanity also appears to be pro-divisiveness and pro-murder.

You simply don’t heal and unify America by using racial identity politics, divisiveness and death threats.

One of the foremost reasons Kaepernick is not in the NFL is because he’s not a great quarterback.

And from the looks of what he “appreciates,” he might not be much of a social activist either.

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  1. Don’t hire Colin K. that way he can protest all he wants give him and his girlfriend something to do with all that energy…. BLAH BLAH BLAH

  2. Eminem is a has been, now this bullshit….. gag me with a spoon. I wish I could tackle that idiot…. Let the Navy Seals and the Farmers, Police, Vets, Preppers, Republicans, Christians and Americans for President Trump etc. handle him…. Payback is a bitch little boy, you embarrass every white person with dignity…..