Kaep Loves Protesting on Live TV, but Here’s the 1 Photo He Wants Kept Secret

Kaep Loves Protesting on Live TV but Heres the 1 Photo He Wants Kept Secret

When former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began the anti-American trend of sitting or taking a knee while the national anthem was played, he insisted he was using his platform to raise awareness and start a broader dialogue regarding perceived racial inequalities in America and police brutality.

Other players who have joined the protest trend have echoed those sentiments, and while some of them may truly believe it and think they aren’t being disrespectful or unAmerican, the reality is that many Americans do indeed find their actions to be quite disrespectful and offensive.

And in Kaepernick’s case, just a wee bit hypocritical.

You see, while the bi-racial Kaepernick rails against the perceived oppression of minorities in America by a “white supremacist” system, he himself doesn’t appear to have been all that “oppressed” and held back from opportunity by “white people,” but was in fact raised and presented with a multitude of opportunity by white people, namely his adoptive white mother and father.

It was his adoptive white parents who no doubt drove him to football practice as a kid and supported him in his athletic endeavors throughout high school and into college, where he received a scholarship from the University of Nevada in Reno and became their starting quarterback midway through his freshman year, according to Biography.com.

Indeed, Kaepernick’s parents still support him even as the protest movement he started grew and has now spiraled out of control.

Kaepernick was drafted by the 49ers in the second round of the 2011 draft, and took over as starting quarterback there in his second season with the club, ultimately taking his team to the Super Bowl and eventually earning a contract extension worth $126 million, according to NFL.com, a contract he nevertheless revised and opted out of in favor of free agency following the 2016 season.

Yet, this multi-million claims that he has been oppressed. Sure.

Some people may deal with perceived systemic racism and oppression these days, but Kaep isn’t one of them, not by a long shot.

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