Judge Rules in Favor of Pro-Gun Activists in Concealed-Carry Case

Judge Rules in Favor of Pro-Gun Activists in Concealed-Carry Case

A Michigan judge ruled in favor of gun rights activists Friday, determining that it was unlawful for certain event venues to ban the lawful carry of firearms.

Kent County Circuit Judge Joseph Rossi sided with Michigan Open Carry Inc. and Michigan Gun Owners Inc. when he determined that the Grand Rapids-Kent County Convention/Arena Authority’s policy banning firearms contradicted state laws.

“Hopefully, my ruling inspires them to adjust their policy,” Rossi said, according to MLive. “The court disagrees with the language … I’ll let the CAA determine its policy, as long as it fits the law.”

The issue drew attention last year during the West Michigan Women’s Expo at a property owned by the convention and arena authority. Three exhibitors at the event with holstered pistols were told to disarm or leave. MLive reported that one exhibitor left and the other two disarmed.

Michigan state law allows for gun bans in sports arenas and stadiums, however there is no distinct ban for convention centers. The authority’s weapons policy bans concealed carry and allows lawful open-carry in accordance with state laws and the wishes of the organization utilizing the facilities.

That meant anyone renting authority’s properties had the ability to set firearms policies, even if those policies didn’t follow the law, according to MLive.

Open-carry advocates filed a lawsuit, asking a judge to prevent organizations from “enforcing invalid attempts at firearm legislation/regulation which is preempted by state law.”

Attorney Dean Greenblatt, who represented Michigan Open Carry, said a no-concealed carry policy contradicted state law.

During his argument, he said that the properties are public and organizations leasing them could not implement firearm regulations, and public entities cannot enforce them.

Rossi agreed with gun rights advocates, adding that the wording of the authority’s weapons policy should be updated to properly align with Michigan’s state gun laws.

Conservatives understand that gun rights are the bedrock of American citizen rights. But so do liberals. You can bet anti-gun liberals, who are no doubt furious about this ruling, will be eager to put that on their “to do” list in no time flat.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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