Judge Releases Prisoner on Recognizance After Reaching for Police Officers Gun

Judge Releases Prisoner on Recognizance After Reaching for Police Officers Gun

One day after a deranged, mentally ill Brooklyn man attempted to wrestle a gun away from an officer in what was clearly an attempt to hurt and potentially kill her, a judge released him back to the streets without bail.

And in the process could be encouraging even further attacks.

The original incident occurred Saturday evening in Brooklyn, where Kurdel Emmanuel stormed into the 83rd Precinct station house, lunged at an officer and “violently clutched her firearm belt while attempting to yank out her service weapon,” according to the New York Post.

At his hearing the following morning, prosecutors hit Emmanuel with three charges — including assault on an officer, attempted criminal possession of a firearm and attempted robbery — and demanded a $250,000 bail.

Apparently, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Loren Baily-Schiffman had other things in mind. She released Emmanuel without any stipulations, meaning he was free to continue acting like a complete psychopath.

Local cops have been livid ever since.

“Prosecutors are taking this case seriously but the judge clearly didn’t,” a police source told the Post.

Dennis Quirk,  president of the New York State Court Officers Association, was even more scathing toward the judge.

“This idiot should be removed from the bench,” he said, according to the Post.

He was right.

Consider that Emmanuel’s attack happened only three days after another deranged man assassinated Brooklyn officer Miosotis Familia.

“This is a sickening display of carelessness or callousness by a judge who should be fully aware of similarity in the circumstances between this thug’s crime and the assassination of police officer Miosotis Familia,” Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch said, according to local station WPIX. “We have seen too often the unbalanced act out against NYC police officers with deadly effect.”

Furthermore, Emmanuel was not the only criminal nutjob Baily-Schiffman has let loose, according to the New York Daily News. On Sunday she also released two men who were charged with a hate crime after they allegedly attacked a black man while hurling racial obscenities, and earlier in the week she let a man go who had allegedly threatened to kill a nun.

While the judge’s political leanings remain unclear, it’s obvious she possesses a bleeding heart — the kind usually touted by hardcore liberal Democrats who prioritize misguided compassion for the wicked over something called common sense.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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