Jim Carrey Attacks President Trump and Republicans: Remove ‘Soulless Traitors’ So ‘Democracy Can Live’

Jim Carrey Attacks President Trump and Republicans Remove Soulless Traitors So Democracy Can Live

Comedian Jim Carrey attacked President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers, saying they are “soulless traitors” and urged for removing the “gangrene” in a series of tweets this week.

Carrey urged people to call for Trump and his GOP associates removal, using the hashtag “#killthebill.”

The actor didn’t say exactly which bill he was referring to, but Trump administration has been working recently to push the tax reform, a budget, immigration and healthcare reform.

Carrey has been clear that he doesn’t like President Trump, making fun of him and his supporters via Twitter August before Trump’s rally in West Virginia saying President Trump will appear and “eat a baby” to please his “zombie base.”

In early November, he called Trump a “stooge” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Though the famous actor recently hasn’t made a lot of movies, the people are saying he should stick to what he does best and stay out of politics.

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