Jesse Ventura Wants Apology From SEAL Widow After He Insulted Her

Jesse Ventura Wants Apology From SEAL Widow After He Insulted Her

The saga of former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura and murdered Navy SEAL Chris Kyle has periodically resurfaced over the past few months as Ventura’s lawsuit against Kyle, and by extension his wife, Taya Kyle, has made the news.

Ventura made waves again after he gave a brief interview with Fox News’ Jesse Watters in mid-June, where he stated that Taya Kyle should be the one apologizing to him over his failed lawsuit.

No, seriously. The man who had the gall to bring a widow to court after her husband was murdered over something he wrote in a book seems to think that he is the victim in all of this.

Watters confronted Ventura when the former governor made a keynote address at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition in New York. It was not a mellow meeting.

“Was I high? You know, that’s a b******* question, and I expect it from someone from Fox. No,” Ventura said after Watters asked him if he was high when he sued Kyle’s widow.

Well, considering how insane Ventura has acted throughout this entire ordeal, I’d say it’s a pretty fair question.

“No, she should apologize to me for the lie that her husband told about me,” Ventura replied after being asked by Watters if he should apologize. “Why would I apologize? I didn’t do anything. You only apologize if you’ve done something wrong, pal.”

You can watch the interview below (WARNING: LANGUAGE):

This entire incident started after Kyle wrote in his autobiography about how he punched a man he called “Scruff Face” in a bar in 2006 after the man stated that the Navy SEALs deserved “to lose a few.”

Ventura initially won his defamation lawsuit in 2014, but a federal appeals court tossed the ruling. Now, Ventura claims that he can’t find work because his name has been tarnished by the lawsuit.

It’s funny how that happens. Who would have thought that dragging the widow of an American hero through an unnecessary lawsuit  would make a lot of people hate you?

Ventura deserves to be forgotten and ignored by the rest of the world from now on. He has shown how low he will go for a little bit of fame.

Kyle’s widow doesn’t deserve to deal with this pain anymore.

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