Jerk Gym Rat Posts Video Teasing Woman Exercising… Gets Swift Justice He Never Saw Coming

Jerk Gym Rat Posts Video Teasing Woman Exercising Gets Swift Justice He Never Saw Coming

Normally, people just go to the gym to work out. But despite individuals concentrating on their own goals and gains, you’ll have the stereotypical meatheads lurking around who don’t possess an ounce of consideration for others.

In a Snapchat video post from 2016, the gym fanatic, who doesn’t quite have the arms of a gym fanatic, simply questions: “Tf (What the f***) she doing?” while showing a woman struggling to master a specific squat in the background.

But soon after this “expert” put this clip on the Internet, he was eviscerated by every division of social media, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

One commenter stated: “I agree the workout she’s doing is kind of funny, but it’s videos like this that circulate around and make overweight or out-of-shape people self-conscious about going to the gym in the first place.”

Nailed it. People who want to work out won’t because they will not subject themselves to public ridicule if they perform the slightest thing incorrectly.

Someone else accused: “Well a real man would (have gone) over and showed her the correct way instead of recording it.”

“Better question, what are YOU doing?” another wrote. “If I go to the gym, I go to work out FOR ME — not to pay attention to what someone else is doing.”

Lastly, people eviscerated the build of the faceless cameraman: “The question should be what muscle group is he working on? All I see are folds of fat and an embarrassingly underdeveloped shoulder.”

Brutal, but accurate.

This is what the woman was apparently trying to accomplish — the difficult “Jefferson Squat”:

Jefferson Squat

The woman in the video was doing a quick, pulsating rep rather than a deep squat, where the thighs are nearly parallel to the ground.

Instead of filming for her ridicule, the gym thug should have had the courage to let her know what she was doing wrong and how to fix it — but honestly, he probably didn’t even know what a Jefferson Squat was

Kudos to the woman for being personally responsible for her health and trying new workouts.

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