James Woods Slams Lib America With Facts About Free Speech

James Woods Slams Lib America With Facts About Free Speech

For the past two years, Americans have gotten a real good look at just how out of touch with reality the mainstream liberal media is. The media’s treatment of President Donald Trump since the day he announced his candidacy have exposed them for the biased fools that they are.

Actor James Woods, an outspoken conservative in a Hollywood dominated by liberals, highlighted just how untrustworthy the media has become in this country when he turned down an interview with even a media outlet he supports, Independent Journal Review reported.

IJR’s Justin Charters wanted to interview Woods over the recent string of Hollywood celebrities who have joked about assassinating Trump. Woods declined to be interviewed, and his reason for doing so is a very uncomfortable truth:

Woods said he would rather speak for himself, via social media, that do an interview that will allow other media outlets to twist his words beyond recognition.

“Well, I’m deeply flattered, but turn down hundreds of requests to do interviews. I’m a big fan of IJR, but I must graciously decline. I find that Twitter makes it impossible for the sleaze liberal press to take my words out of context,” Wood wrote.

“If I were to do an IJR interview, surely CNN and NYT would misrepresent my thoughts and words. As honorable as IJR may be, they can’t stop others from engaging in malicious behavior,” he wrote.

“Sadly, free speech is dead in liberal America,” he concluded.

What a horrifying, disgusting, but true statement. Just think about it for a minute. How many times have we seen people have to fight back because CNN or some other liberal outlet published fake news about them?

All the media does any more is find ways to take the words of Trump (and frankly any Republican) and use them of context to paint the speaker in the worst light possible.

If you disagree with anything that the left stands for, you are immediately painted as a bigoted, sexist, right-wing terrorist who is hellbent on returning us to the 1920s.

Now, to be fair, there are people out there who say very bad things, and they should be condemned for them. However, a vast majority of the things Republicans say aren’t racist, sexist or bigoted remarks.

Believing in the Second Amendment doesn’t make you a terrorist. Wanting Christians to not be attacked for their faith doesn’t make you a radical. Wanting the government to get the heck out of every aspect of our lives isn’t backward — it’s common sense, and a fundamental part of the American character.

The election of Trump showed that Americans are sick of the way the media works and are willing to fight back. Unfortunately, the media hasn’t shown any willingness to change.

Maybe someday they will.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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