Ivanka Trump Reveals She Struggled with Postpartum Depression – BLM Activists Tells Her to ‘Suffer’

Ivanka Trump Reveals She Struggled with Postpartum Depression BLM Activists Tells Her to Suffer

First Daughter Ivanka Trump was recently verbally brutalized by a BLM member, who responded in regards to Ivanka’s health update. Ivanka Trump shared a heart-wrenching story on her battle with postpartum depression, a condition that is now gaining momentum in the US, with many women coming forward with the true effects of it.

And while some would hope for a wave of support, this self-proclaimed BLM feminist wished that Ivanka would ‘suffer’ instead of complaining. If there is a person that understands women, mothers and the female sort in general, it is definitely Ivanka. She has not shared as conservative beliefs as her President Trump, which would make her more relatable to the everyday folk.

She opened up on her disease recently and admitted she had been suffering from postpartum depression after having her three children. ‘With each of my three children I had some level of postpartum … depression,’ Trump said in an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz during a taping of The Dr. Oz Show. ‘It was a very challenging emotional time for me.”

Then we met Kimberly Foster, a Black Lives Matter activists who cannot seem to look beyond race. She videotaped herself for YouTube, analyzing the black-white love affair trends and even cited an article in Psychology Today from 2011.

Even though the article was quickly taken down, Foster held a grudge as result and went straight after Ivanka, in a dreadful verbal attack that left no American indifferent. So, when Ivanka’s postpartum depression story first came out the only thing Foster could mouth was, “Girl. Suffer.” Joining her was a friend, Leslie Afua, who posted a similar post reading in one excerpt, “I wish all the misery on this ho.”

Foster wasn’t actually expecting the explosion of negative feedback she received as a result, but social media awoke to the fact that bullying is more present now than it was ever before.

Postpartum depression is a disease that affects more than half of the mothers in America, so for a woman to step out and wish another one nothing but agony and pain is simply mind-boggling and cruel. This has nothing to do with politics, but it looks like the liberals are keen on making everything personal. However, there are limits to be respected, and Foster just learned that the hard way.

Postpartum depression is not a laughing matter or a condition to be taken lightly. So, when Ivanka Trump spoke up on the subject, she looked forward to raising awareness and making the world’s mothers comfortable to relate to her. In the liberal world, things do not operate in that rhythm, I guess. but, I wonder something here. When celebrity Chrisy Tiegen stepped out with her own battle with postpartum depression, the left seemed to be nothing but supportive of her. Can’t you just smell the irony? Yeah, so can we.

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Source: conservativemedia.com