Islamic State’s Day at the Beach Ruined After F1 Mirage Shows up

Islamic States Day at the Beach Ruined After F1 Mirage Shows up

Utterly destroying and eradicating radical Islamic terrorists has always been a top priority for President Donald Trump, and it appears another country feels the same way.

Cockpit footage from the Libyan Air Force Dassault Mirage F1 fighter jet shows a slew of massive missile strikes on terrorists near the port city of Sirte, according to Funker530.

The video footage, which was published last year on Funker530’s website, is a compilation of fighter jets carrying out attacks on what is believed to be radical Islamic terrorists and their locations.

The three and a half minute cockpit footage begins with the aircraft flying over a beautiful beach. Things got bad for a group of Islamic State terrorists who were positioned alongside the shore.

To be more specific, fighter jet blew the terrorists to smithereens.

The video puts a “target circle” over the areas they attack, which shows how powerful these attack were.

Spoiler: there aren’t many places to hide from these powerful jets.

Check out the awesome video clip below, which shows a compilation of these jets destroying Islamic State terrorists:

The clip shows that these powerful fighter jets are capable of annihilating terrorists whether they are hiding in the desert or on an open beach.

The Libyan Air Force’s commitment to destroying these terrorists seems similar to the approach by Trump and the United States.

Trump vowed that he would wipe these jihadist thugs off the face of the earth — and he has been honoring that commitment.

The Islamic State group “capital” of Raqqa, Syria, has been reduced to ashes and many of their fighters are fleeing and taking cover now that the U.S. has made it clear it is determined to wipe out these radical Islamic terrorists.

Whether it’s the U.S. or the Libyan Air Force, it would be safe to assume these radical Islamic cowards aren’t ready to fight back against this type of power.

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