ISIS Uses Women for Front-Line Fighting After Ranks Dwindle

ISIS Uses Women for Front-Line Fighting After Ranks Dwindle

Desperate to maintain control of the Iraqi city of Mosul but running out of male soldiers to send into battle, the Islamic State group has reportedly begun forcing women to fight for them.

“After having lost many of its men, ISIS began to use women in the fight,” Major Gen. Ma’en al-Saadi, commander of the nation’s second anti-terrorism special operations forces, explained Sunday, as reported by ARA News.

“In a bid to impede the Iraqi forces’ progress, Daesh terrorists began to spread snipers in the old city of Mosul, beside using suicide bombers and car bomb attacks,” he added, referencing the Arabic pejorative often used by Iraqi officials to describe the Islamic State group.

According to Reuters, these shocking and pathetic moves by the terror group come amid the launch Saturday by Iraqi armed forces of an operation “to capture the last Islamic State-held enclave in Mosul.”

Though U.S.-backed efforts to free Mosul have taken longer than expected — eight months thus far, to be exact — victory appears to be in sight for the good guys, which somewhat explains the terror network’s pitiful, last-ditch effort to forestall its inevitable defeat.

It remains unclear exactly how the Islamic State group is using women on the battlefield, but it’s presumed that the women’s participation is non-voluntary, as the terror group has a sick history of subjecting women and girls to harsh treatment.

Meanwhile, those women living in ISIS-controlled portions of the city who haven’t been forced to fight are struggling to just stay alive. An estimated 200,000 or so people — men, women and children — still live in these districts, according to a U.N. humanitarian coordinator who spoke Sunday with Reuters.

Reports suggest that Mosul may be totally freed of the Islamic State group by June 10 at the earliest, though only God knows how many women will have died by then due to the terror group’s pathetic cowardice.

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