ISIS Suicide Truck Speeds Towards Humvees… Then It Hits a Speed Bump

ISIS Suicide Truck Speeds Towards Humvees Then It Hits a Speed Bump

Islamic State group fighters are evil psychopaths who will do anything in the name of Allah in order to carry out an attack against non-believers.

A video that purportedly shows Islamic State fighters erratically driving a truck filled with explosives across bumpy terrain further proves these jihadist aren’t always the smartest individuals, either.

The ISIS vehicle is trying to crash into one of the two Iraqi Humvee’s, hoping that it will explode and kill everyone in the process.

Humvee’s are built to travel across rough terrain, which allowed the Iraqi’s to gain a big lead ahead of the Islamic State group fighters.

After trying to travel down the same rocky path as the Humvee’s, the explosives prematurely detonate after the truck hit a massive speed bump, killing the fighters before they even reach their target.

Oddly enough, the video was released by ISIS and was used as propaganda to show what the group is doing to other groups in the region.

While the group appears to be only capable of blowing themselves up, President Donald Trump’s bold actions and orders for the U.S. military have utterly crushed the terrorist group and its “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria.

Defense Secretary James Mattis said nearly a third of the gains ISIS made beginning in 2014 under former President Barack Obama’s leadership have been taken back by the U.S. and its allies thus far.

Ahead of their eventual defeat, ISIS has been forced to revert back to their guerrilla warfare tactics of suicide bombings and lone wolf attacks.

ISIS has lost control of roughly 27,000 square miles, nearly 8,000 of which has been taken back under the Trump administration in recent months.

The terrorist group has reportedly lost roughly 80 percent of the land they once controlled in Iraq and nearly 60 percent of their territory in Syria.

The bold actions of Trump and Mattis have greatly reduced the group’s efforts and has forced its jihadists into trying to blow up trucks in random deserts.

It’s quite comical that ISIS’ propaganda only contains battles they have lost, but that’s all they’re capable of doing now that a real leader is in the White House.

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