ISIS Is Fleeing Dressed as Women. The Army Is Posting Their Photos and It’s Hilarious

ISIS Is Fleeing Dressed as Women The Army Is Posting Their Photos and Its Hilarious

Note: This article contains graphic content.

ISIS is in full retreat in Iraq.

At peak strength, the barbarous group of fundamental Islamic militants controlled enormous portions of Northern Iraq and Syria. The group is known for their strict, militant interpretation of the Koran and applying medieval, inhuman penalties to those who do not subscribe to the teachings of Allah. Those penalties typically play out in horrific social media posts, showing how the group treats unbelievers.

Posts across ISIS social media accounts have shown executions of Christians, gays, and fellow Muslims by beheading, mass beheading, electrocution, drowning, death by fire in cages, death by mortar shell strapped to one’s body, crucifixion and other depraved manners of killing In the name of Allah.


Mass beheading:




Fire, gasoline, cages:



Mass beheading:

Such brutality has earned the fighters of the group an aura of depraved manliness and inspires fear over those who they exert conquest upon.

However, after the recent fall of their stronghold in Mosul, ISIS is fleeing. In surrender and retreat, the true colors of the ISIS fighter are beginning to show, and those colors are fabulous.

As the towns they brutally controlled get liberated one by one, ISIS fighters are disguising themselves as women to escape Iraqi Security Forces. The disguises involve garish amounts of makeup and dressing in women’s clothing. The once brutish, masculine fighters who would have oppressed and killed any man who cross-dressed are now fleeing like drag queens at the end of a sloppy night.

It’s safe to say none of these Isis Fighters would win the local drag competition and the Iraqi Army is making sure of it. Iraqi Security forces have made a practice of releasing photographs of any ISIS fighter they find cross-dressing attempting to retreat with the civilian population.

Let’s just say the photos don’t match masculine ISIS branding:

Good luck recruiting now, you bastards.

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