Irma Survivor Tells Trump: “Obama Was Playing Golf During The Last Hurricane”

Irma Survivor Tells Trump Obama Was Playing Golf During The Last Hurricane

President Trump and Melania visited Florida Thursday to meet with the victims of Hurricane Irma and with emergency response crews. Trump also met with military servicemen in an airport hangar and then he went to the emergency food and water distribution center in Fort Myers, Florida.

In the distribution center, he gave water bottles and other essential supplies to the people who suffered great damages by the storm. The residents were grateful for his contribution and even took photos together.

Anyhow, one man with a New England Patriots t-shirt came close to Trump and asked him one question. The president laughed, turned to the cameras and said, “This man has a question.”

So, the man faced the cameras and asked, “Where was Obama on the last hurricane?”

The man then faced Trump again and whispered something to him. Trump smiling repeated it out loud saying, “It was the best vote of his life.”

While this was happening, the CNN reporters laughed nervously.

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