Invasion Photos: Cameras Catch Armed Militias Crossing US Border

Invasion Photos Cameras Catch Armed Militias Crossing US Border

The United States of America is being invaded. No, an official foreign army isn’t marching across the border — but the weapons and capabilities of the armed groups breaching the perimeter are just as much of a threat.

Hidden cameras along the Arizona-Mexico border have captured armed cartel members freely crossing into American territory at will. Breitbart News was able to obtain some of the photos, which were confirmed by officials within the U.S. Border Patrol as authentic.

Some portions of the images were redacted for security, however they clearly show criminals carrying backpacks and rifles moving across the frontier area unimpeded. The pictures were all taken in the last month.

“These appear to be authentic of criminal organizations coming across the border. This is not unique to Arizona, we have seen this in other parts of the country as well all along the Southwest border,” Tucson Sector Border Patrol Chief Rudolfo Karisch explained.

“Any time you have illicit commodities crossing the border, you will have criminals trying to protect those commodities — both from law enforcement and from other bad guys,” the chief continued.

Various factions including a criminal group known as Las Salazar are fighting for control of smuggling territory and drug shipments along the border.

“We acknowledge that these criminal organizations pose a threat to both U.S. and international security. Border security work is dangerous. We deal with transnational criminals, gang members, and other threats. They are trying to get their product through without encountering the public,” Karisch stated.

This is what an open border looks like: A war zone on American soil.

Like every other sovereign nation, the United States has a right and a duty to secure its own border. It’s time for our elected leaders and law enforcement officials to keep their word, and take these threats in our southern states seriously.

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