Internet Blows Up After Seeing the Height Difference Between Putin And Melania

Internet Blows Up After Seeing the Height Difference Between Putin And Melania

When first lady Melania Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin at a G20 banquet over the weekend, she towered over him like a skyscraper.

Standing 5 feet 11 inches tall, Trump hovered over Putin, who reportedly only reaches a meager 5 feet 6 inches in height, not that this diminishes his record as a ruthless thug with little regard for human rights.

It didn’t help that the first lady had reportedly been wearing heels that enhanced her height even further.

For someone so cocky and concerned with his image as Putin, having his rival’s wife tower over him for the whole world to see undoubtedly made him extremely uneasy. Talk about a photo op nightmare for the Kremlin.

Take a look at their meeting below:

The duo proceeded to sit side-by-side at the G20 dinner, where they reportedly spoke about gender issues.

“The president remained satisfied,” Putin’s press secretary Dimitry Peskov later remarked to Russian news station Rossiya-1 about their conversation, adding that the two discussed possibly working together to enhance gender equality and the economic role of women, according to the U.K. Daily Express. “I think there was certain sympathy.”

This was not their first meeting. The two met earlier that afternoon when Trump was sent in to help wrap up what had originally been scheduled to be a 30-minute conversation between her husband, U.S. President Donald Trump, and President Putin.

The meeting wound up continuing for another hour, despite the first lady’s assistance.

“So clearly she failed,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who had also been present for the meeting, quipped to reporters afterward.

Just as Putin likely feared, social media had plenty of jokes to share about the photo.


Fun and games aside, the discrepancy between the two’s heights should not distract the American people from the truth about Putin; that he’s a ruthless dictator who, as Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton correctly noted earlier this year, “is not our friend.”

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