Illegal Immigrants Use UPS in Attempt to Sneak Into the United States

Illegal Immigrants Use UPS in Attempt to Sneak Into the United States

What can brown do for you? Well, how about human smuggling?

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, 77 illegal immigrants were found in the back of a fake UPS truck earlier this week after police pulled the vehicle over and found them “stuffed shoulder-to-shoulder inside its hot cargo area.”

“Five children were found traveling among the overheated group of Mexican nationals, who admitted to being in the U.S. illegally, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday in San Diego federal court.”

The van was pulled over in Boulevard, California — a San Diego County town close to the border — when police noticed it swerving on Old Highway 80. Officials also said that the putative delivery van had no tags on it.

“When the agent approached the truck, he observed it was riding ‘extremely low’ and had what appeared to be fresh paint on the rear. He could also smell body odor and what was described as the pungent smell of a soap commonly used in Mexico,” the Union-Tribune reported.

“The truck’s driver, a U.S. citizen who had been placed in the CHP car, said the truck was his and gave permission to search.”

The driver, Shawn Lee Seiler, admitted during interrogation that he was a human smuggler. He said that he had only anticipated putting 50 people in a sweltering hot truck and “said he was surprised to learn there were 77 inside.” Oh, well, in that case…

Seiler, who said he was paid $100 for each immigrant he carried, was arrested on a single charge of transporting unauthorized immigrants for financial gain.

Meanwhile, two of the illegal immigrants were also charged after a check of their records found prior deportations. One had been deported as recently as Jan. 9 of this year.

The remaining illegal immigrants are being held as witnesses in the case.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, UPS says that the vehicle wasn’t a real UPS truck nor had Seiler ever been a UPS driver.

This, of course, is the dark side of illegal immigration that its apologists don’t like to talk about: nearly 80 illegal immigrants, stuffed in the back of a truck that was sweltering hot even during the coldest time of the year, trafficked from Mexico by smugglers willing to make a quick buck and wholly unconcerned with the safety of those he was smuggling or those in the communities they would enter.

We know that they were in conditions so vile that police could smell body odor on the outside of the vehicle. We know that two of them had been deported already; although we don’t know for what, it’s entirely possible they have criminal records in this country.

This is what we ought to ask liberals willing to countenance illegal immigration: Is this what you support? Because this is what you are countenancing. Behind all the weepy stories and soaring language about “Dreamers” is the very ugly reality that lies behind it. We are to look only at the filet mignon their spin machine has lovingly prepared for us while ushering us quickly past the abattoir. Anyone who doesn’t is a “racist” or lately, a “white nationalist.”

Enough is enough. America needs real border security, not talk. We need real action on human smuggling, not promises. And we need politicians who will speak the truth about the wretchedness of illegal immigration, not idealize a system that’s broken, costly and inhumane.

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