ICE Agent Says They Are Targeting Criminal Aliens, Not Hard-Working Ones

ICE Agent Says They Are Targeting Criminal Aliens Not Hard-Working Ones

President Donald Trump has vowed repeatedly during the first few months of his administration that he would prioritize deporting criminal illegal aliens, and decide what to do with the non-criminal illegals at a later date.

During a “Fox and Friends” segment last week, the show aired a clip of co-host Todd Piro who rode with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent as the agent did his job of catching illegal immigrants.

During the clip, the ICE agent, who was not named, explained that he and his organization go after criminal illegals, not those who have been in the country and done nothing wrong.

“We don’t target the hard-working people, we target the criminal aliens,” the ICE agent stated.

The agent also expressed frustration that jails were “just releasing the people back into the streets,” after they were detained by ICE because various cities refuse to honor immigration laws.

It’s truly sad that the ICE agent felt the need to justify his job by explaining that he goes after the criminal illegals and not the “hard-working people.” He shouldn’t have to defend himself like that.

You can watch the full clip here:

If you enter this country illegally, you have broken the law and thus you are subject to deportation by the authorities that enforce those laws. It’s very simple.

Now, if Trump has given ICE agents an official directive to prioritize criminal illegals, that is one thing. However these ICE agents would still be justified in arresting and deporting any illegal immigrant.

Liberals will go cry buckets of tears over illegals being deported, but the simple reality is that if these people had followed proper channels, there wouldn’t be any risk of deportation.

When you break the law, you suffer the consequences. That’s the way this world works.

If Trump wants to changes those laws, that’s what the United States Congress is there for.

Until that happens, though, ICE agents should enforce the law.

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