Hurricane Irma to Hit President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort – Take a Look at What Happened Next

Hurricane Irma to Hit President Trumps Mar-a-Lago Resort Take a Look at What Happened Next

While the state of Texas is still getting a grip after Hurricane Harvey made a landfall and brought havoc in the region, another hurricane the media have been warning about is set to make an impact on Florida this weekend. Now, what caught everyone’s attention as Hurricane Irma presented itself, was the fact that President Tump’s lavishing resort Mar-a-Lago, could be one of Irma’s targets.

According to experts in the field, Hurricane Irma falls into the Category 5 hurricanes, meaning it is far more threatening than Category 4 Hurricane Harvey. As the National Hurricane Center declared, the storm is “potentially catastrophic.”

The President’s Florida mansion is on the storm’s radar, making experts convinced Irma will make a definite hit.

The entire matter turned into a joking platform for liberals that remained eager to see the resort crushed to the ground. Several social media users found it humorous to publicly wish for the violent storm to wreck the resort.

“Surf’s up, Mar-a-Lago: Irma is generating 46-foot waves,” said Jeffrey St. Clair, editor of CounterPunch.

“IDEA: A category 5 hurricane but it only hits Mar-a-Lago,” said Michael, a contributor to The Whiskey Journal.

“Dear Irma: This is Mar-a-Lago’s address: 1100 S Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, FL. Don’t forget about the bonus we talked about! xo,” Laurie Notaro said.

“If Hurricane Irma hits Florida I hope it wipes #MaraLago off the face of the earth. And that everyone is safe. But I hope its demolished,” said an anti-Trump Twitter profile user.

“Hurricane Irma: Please spare everyone & everything in Florida except Mar-a-Lago. The man who owns it is a bad person & is tearing us apart,” said a user with the name Proud Resister.

“Hey @realDonaldTrump, this would be a great weekend to stay at Mar-a-Lago. Don’t mind that Irma stuff, it’s all fake news,” said Ryan Dent.

Hurricane Irma comes along with winds going with 185 mph, meaning the devastating impact is a given.

As experts in the field explain, Hurricane Irms should be arriving anytime Saturday.

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