Huckabee Fires at Snowflakes That Walked Out of ND Pence Speech

Huckabee Fires at Snowflakes That Walked Out of ND Pence Speech

When Mike Pence went back to Indiana to give a commencement speech at Notre Dame University, there were plenty of walkouts from snowflakes.

Not because of what he said, mind you — they walked out before he said anything — but because the very prospect of having to listen to a conservative discourse on any subject was too much for the poor little dears.

Mike Huckabee was having none of it. In a Tuesday post on his website, the former Arkansas governor excoriated the “liberal snowflakes” who decided they couldn’t handle any contradictory thoughts.

“While most of the media’s attention was understandably on President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia, Vice President Pence also gave a speech at the Notre Dame University graduation that deserves to be heard as well,” Huckabee said.

“It was a forceful defense of free speech and diversity of ideas, something that used to be the hallmark of college campuses before the left-wing snowflakes appeared, demanding ‘safe spaces’ and the silencing of any views they disagree with.”

And now is where snowflakes are saying “… and? I’m not seeing anything wrong here.”

“Pence praised Notre Dame for refusing to give in to that anti-American trend,” Huckabee noted. “Not there isn’t pressure: some students had demanded that Pence’s speech be canceled, and a group of them walked out during it. But then, what could they possibly have to learn from a forceful defense of free speech and diversity of ideas?”

Huckabee couldn’t be more right. Pence’s speech was a litmus test for the left that was failed badly. They proved that any thoughts or ideas that didn’t meet their personal standards ought to be drowned out.

So, what did Notre Dame parents think of this approach?

“I think it’s kind of an indictment of the way that our education system has turned from a place where you have a free discourse of ideas to a place if you hear something you don’t agree with, you run away,” said Kevin Munro, a Notre Dame grad who was at the commencement ceremony this weekend to watch his daughter get her degree, according to WNDU-TV.

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