Hot-headed NFL anthem protester walks out after never-before-seen tantrum

Hot-headed NFL anthem protester walks out after never-before-seen tantrum

Pardon the painfully obvious, but referees are human. They are capable of making mistakes, both small and large.

By extension, players oftentimes disagree with penalties. Pool some of the most competitive people in the world, throw in the large element of human error, and it’s a perfect concoction for eruptions of anger and disagreement.

Given that, this still appears to be a first.

Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro defensive back and noted national anthem sitter Marcus Peters capped off a woeful sequence of events for the Chiefs that saw the team give up its slim lead and lose its fourth straight game and its sixth of its last eight.

The Chiefs stopped the New York Jets on third down to set up a field goal on their own 3-yard line. Chiefs defensive lineman Bennie Logan was flagged for unnecessary roughness, which gave the Jets a fresh set of downs.

New York eventually scored on the fresh set of downs, and went for a 2-point conversion to push the lead to seven.

Chiefs defensive back Steven Nelson was called for holding, giving the Jets another shot to push the lead.

That’s when an enraged Marcus Peters lost his mind.

Much to the delight of a Jets fan who walked away with a souvenir most fans won’t ever get, Peters picked up the referee’s penalty flag and tossed it into the stands. Peters was obviously penalized for that.

Fans witnessed Peters walking off the field after that, and most assumed he had been ejected for his actions.

Turns out, Peters was simply throwing a major temper tantrum, and walked out on his team.

Think about that. Marcus Peters, one of the best defensive backs in the entire NFL, walked out on his team in a one-touchdown game because he was throwing a hissy fit about a penalty flag.

Peters, 24, has been making all the wrong headlines this season after a breakout year in 2016.

He became the first player to protest the anthem during the 2017 NFL regular season when he chose to sit before the opening game against the Patriots. He has continued to sit during the national anthem throughout the year.

Peters also was involved in an altercation with Oakland offensive linemen earlier this season after his hit on quarterback Derek Carr brought a 15-yard penalty. His close friend Marshawn Lynch of the Raiders ran onto the field and shoved an official, drawing an ejection and suspension.

Peters’ football team has also fallen off a cliff, going from early Super Bowl favorites to a team that might not even make the playoffs.

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