Horror: Muslim Woman Uses Christmas Gift to Poison Christian Mom

Horror Muslim Woman Uses Christmas Gift to Poison Christian Mom

A Muslim woman in Uganda has reportedly asked for forgiveness after allegedly poisoning her Christian neighbor and her children with a Christmas gift of cooking oil.

The case was originally reported by Morning Star News. According to them, “(a) mother of five in eastern Uganda was pleasantly surprised when two Muslim neighbors visited her on Christmas morning with gifts of sugar, salt, soap, matchboxes, groundnuts and cooking oil.

“Nafamba Bongo Madina, whose children range in age from 5 to 14, thanked Taaka Hajira and the other Muslim neighbor in Gayaza village, Kabuna Sub-County, Budaka District, for the goods,” the report continues.

“When the lunch hour approached, Madina began preparing some food with the oil she had received.”

Before serving the food to her family, however, she tasted it herself. Within minutes, she began vomiting.

“When she started screaming and was continuously vomiting, I called in a taxi and rushed her to Kabuna dispensary, where it was found that she had been poisoned,” an in-law who was not named for security reasons told Morning Star.

Madina was treated and released the next morning. Upon returning home, she had the oil tested for poison.

The test returned positive.

In Madina’s village of Gavaza, a meeting was convened on Dec. 28 at which Hajira allegedly confessed to trying to poison Madina’s family because they left Islam for Christianity.

“Accused of intending to kill Madina and her family members, Hajira asked for forgiveness, saying that since Madina’s family left Islam two years ago, the loudness of their weekly worship at their house with some other church members had been disturbing her and other Muslim neighbors,” Morning Star reported. “Hajira’s house is about 100 yards from Madina’s.”

According to the report, no action was taken was taken against Hajira for fear of inflaming tensions with the Muslim community. However, Madina’s children — ages 14, 12, 10, 7 and 5 — are now being taunted by other Muslim children in the village, who I’m sure came up with that taunt on their own accord with no input from their parents.

The Christian Post notes that while Christians are in a majority in Uganda as a whole, they’ve seen significant persecution in the eastern part of the country, where they’re subject to attacks by Muslims.

To make things worse, Madina lost her husband two years ago, shortly after the family left Islam for Christianity. That’s right, these individuals saw fit to poison a widow and potentially her family, as well.

The religion of peace, indeed.

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