Homeowner Runs into Thieves Trying To Escape His House

Homeowner Runs into Thieves Trying To Escape His House

A homeowner in Paraguay delivered swift and painful justice to a couple of robbers who thought they could steal from him and get away with it.

The U.K. Daily Mail, citing Ultima Hora, reported that Milciades Rodolfo Paiva Moria, 32, was returning to his home in Ciudad del Este when he caught two thieves leaving his home with valuables in hand. Video footage from surveillance cameras and Moria’s dash cam showed how Moria reacted quickly and used his truck to stop the thieves.

Moria had just pulled into his driveway while someone else, who was believed to be his housekeeper, waited for him outside.

As Moria waited for his garage door to open, the robbers ran out the front door. One of the men was able to run to the getaway car, but Moria rammed the other with his truck, knocking him to his feet. The man got up and ran to the car, where the two robbers attempted to get away.

Moria wasn’t going to make it easy for them. He rammed their vehicle and shattered the back glass before they were able to speed away.

They did not get far, as the damage done by Moria caused their car to eventually break down. The thieves then fled on foot.

While the men managed to get away temporarily, they proved they weren’t so bright as police were able to identify them by the names on the rental agreement for the car they were using.

Police said they issued arrest warrants for Juan Pablo Sánchez Santander and Alejandro Andrés Fernández Pérez, both from Chile, the Daily Mail reported.

Take a look at how this homeowner issued swift justice to these thieves:

Moria was determined to stop these men, and did a fine job trying.

Let’s hope the police find these thugs before they commit any more crimes.

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