Hollywood’s Gone Mad: Actress Alyssa Milano Unleashes ‘Patriot Not Partisan’ Project to Hold Trump ‘Accountable’ for Colluding with Russia

Hollywoods Gone Mad Actress Alyssa Milano Unleashes Patriot Not Partisan Project to Hold Trump Accountable for Colluding with Russia

Alyssa Milano, an actress and a political activist have started a website which helps voters contact their Congressional representatives and urge them to hold Trump and his administration “accountable” for the alleged “collusion” with Russia during the presidential election.

Using the hashtag #PatriotNotPartisan, Milano, as well as Misha Collins, said for the Daily Beast their new initiative helps people contact their representatives, on the phone, email or even through a video, and urge them to take an immediate action against Trump’s administration for colluding with Russia.

Milano said that sitting home behind the computers and talk against the administration was an easy thing, but what she now offers is empowering people to take a step forward and make a difference by being proactive.

The comments of the actress known for /Who’s The Boss/ and /Charmed/, are coming during a media ‘obsession’ with the Russia’s involvement in the United States election. Although there is no concrete evidence about President Trump and his team’s misconduct, the House and Senate Intelligence committees have initiated investigations, but Robert
Mueller, the director of the FBI even leads a separate investigation.

Still, the actress says that she believes that her new initiative can provide to the process of clarifying the “collusion” controversy.

The actress explained that the collusion concept is very hard for people to understand, therefore she hopes that with this initiative she will help people to really understand what this is all about.

Let’s do this, America!

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Milano also complained that “far-right” have “hijacked” the true meaning of patriotism.

She explained that the idea for “Patriot not partisan” comes after the word patriot was literally hijacked by the far-right which is upsetting, and she does not have to feel any less of a patriot if her ideas are different.

The initiative #PatriotNotPartisan is but the latest political volley from the actress. Last month, Milano observed as Jon Ossoff, former Capitol Hill staffer and a documentary filmmaker, lose to Republican Karen Handel in the Georgia’s Sixth District, special congressional election.

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