Hollywood Wears Black in Solidarity, But Forgets to Invite Special Guests to Golden Globes

Hollywood Wears Black in Solidarity But Forgets to Invite Special Guests to Golden Globes

The Golden Globes awards ceremony took place Sunday night and many actresses and actors wore black in solidarity with victims of Hollywood pervert Harvey Weinstein, as well as to support the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements against harassment in the workplace.

But some guests were notably missing from the ceremony; namely, his victims.

Asia Argento, Rose McGowan, Rosanna Arquette and Mira Sorvino, along with other Weinstein accusers, claim they did not receive an invitation to the event.

The women took to Twitter to discuss how they were overlooked.

“I can only speak for myself but not only I wasn’t invited to the #GoldenGlobes: nobody asked my opinion about #TIMESUP or to sign the letter. I support @TIMESUPNOW even though I was excluded from it. Guess I am not POWERFUL or HOLLYWOOD enough. Proud to work behind the scenes,” Argento tweeted on Monday.

Actress Rose McGowan, who paved the way for Weinstein’s take-down, said she had no time for such fakery.

“And not one of those fancy people wearing black to honor our rapes would have lifted a finger had it not been so. I have no time for Hollywood fakery, but you I love,” McGowan tweeted to Argento.

Actress Rosanna Arquette, who accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct, told one of her followers she was not invited to the event.

Argento told Arquette that it would have been “too much of a downer… an embarrassment” for victims to be there, adding that victims aren’t “glamorous enough.”


Sadly, it would not be surprising to know that Hollywood elites would not want to tarnish the Golden Globes with the presence of those who might draw attention away from them patting themselves on the back. Heaven knows it could be a real bummer, sitting next to an assault victim, especially given how long Weinstein’s disgusting behavior was enabled by Hollywood liberals.

Wearing black is no better than wearing a pin or a ribbon. In the end, it does absolutely nothing. Real support takes a lot more work.

We may never know if this oversight was intentional, but considering how hypocritical Hollywood has been in the past, it seems fitting.

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