Hockey Star Patrick Kane Gives Up First-Class Seat to Service Member

Hockey Star Patrick Kane Gives Up First-Class Seat to Service Member

Sports fans often look up at professional athletes as role models, but all too often they end up disappointed by selfish behavior. Once in a while, however, a player gains positive attention for taking action outside of the arena — and that’s exactly what one NHL hockey star just did.

Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane was recently spotted making an extremely kind gesture to an American soldier.

According to WFLD, the famous athlete noticed a uniformed military member sitting in the cramped coach section of an American Airlines flight. Instead of simply ignoring the serviceman, the three-time Stanley Cup champion graciously gave up his first class seat, and offered to switch places on the plane.

The soldier accepted the trade, and came back to thank Kane.

The exchange was witnessed by an American Airlines flight attendant named Teri Truss, who decided to publicize the player’s kindness.

“Patrick Kane from The BLACKHAWKS gave up his 1st Class seat to a SOLDIER…what a class act,” the flight attendant posted to Twitter.

She also included a picture of herself and Kane in the cabin of the aircraft:

Although the American Airlines employee only has a handful of followers on Twitter, her post quickly went viral. As of Tuesday afternoon, the post was “liked” and re-tweeted over 20,000 times.

The response to Kane’s treatment of the solider was strongly positive. “He’s showing respect to those who’ve given so much! Great move!” responded one Twitter user. “Way to go PK! Great to see these acts of kindness. Especially when it’s for the right reason!” stated another.

Kane worked his way to a professional “first class” position in the NHL through strong perseverance. Instead of taking a direct path to stardom, he played in smaller semi-professional leagues for many years before finally being drafted by the Blackhawks in 2007.

Liberals might not understand a gesture like this, but it’s refreshing to read about a star athlete with class. No matter which hockey team you follow, this kind gesture to an American soldier is something every American can applaud.

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H/T: Fox News