Hilarious Cartoon Offers ESPN a Brilliant Suggestion For a New Name

Hilarious Cartoon Offers ESPN a Brilliant Suggestion For a New Name

Calvin Freiburger writes that this is why you never say the Left has hit rock-bottom: because they always — always — manage to find a new low. And their latest one…hoo boy.

Mediaite reports that ESPN has decided that the announcer originally slated for an upcoming University of Virginia football game is going to be pulled and reassigned elsewhere, because — I kid you not — his name is Robert Lee.

No, seriously. That was their reasoning. Here’s the statement they put out:

We collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name. In that moment it felt right to all parties. It’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play by play for a football game has become an issue.

Now, I’m not going to say the Left can’t get stupider, but this has got to be the stupidest we’ve seen from them up until now.

It hasn’t “become an issue.” Your idiot management and/or maybe a tiny handful of irrelevant crackpot complainers chose to make it an issue. If you ignored his name and proceeded as planned, you know how much it would have hurt the game, the University of Virginia, or ESPN? Not one bit.

Hell, how many people in attendance do you suppose would have even noticed the coincidence of his name?

Does anyone sincerely believe that any mentally-balanced person would experience mental anguish simply because somebody shares a first and last name — both of which are extremely common individually, by the way — with a Confederate general?

In any event, it would probably be a good idea to seek clarification on these new rules. Is “Robert Lee” offensive everywhere, or just Virginia? What about in other southern states or Civil War battlefields? Are “Robert” and “Lee” still okay separately?

Folks, I have to admit, this story has me at a loss for words. So let’s turn it over to you: what do you think about how madness like this happens, and what new depth of stupidity to you predict the Left will sink to next?

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org