Hikers Start Recording, When They Pan up the Real Horror Emerges from Deep in Woods

Hikers Start Recording When They Pan up the Real Horror Emerges from Deep in Woods

Two hikers got the surprise of their life while they were out enjoying a nice day in the woods. While filming the scene all around them in High Sierra Trail at Sequoia National Park, the camera came across a sight neither of them wanted to see, KGO reported.

When the camera panned up from the trail, it focused right on a mountain lion that was perched above the hikers, watching them. Needless to say, hikers Brian McKinney and Sam Vonderheide froze in their tracks.

In the video footage of the encounter, one of the hikers can be heard asking “what are we supposed to do,” while focused on the lion, and the other replies that he really isn’t sure. The hikers also agree that running away from the lion would be a bad call.

You can watch the incredible footage here:

The two slowly back away from the lion, and one of the hikers mentions having a whistle that he could blow at the lion if it started charging at them.

Luckily for these two, the lion seemed content to just sit on the rock and watch them — closely.

This is a perfect example of while being able to carry a firearm is a good idea. Sure, the whistle might have annoyed the lion, but it wouldn’t have provided very good protection if it continued to charge.

Conservatives like walking in nature — but they also understand that nature can be quite unfriendly and you need to exercise caution when traveling in unfamiliar places.

We’re not in any way saying that people should just go around blasting away animals that seem threatening. Even if these two hikers were armed, the right thing to do would have been to walk away slowly and leave the mountain lion alone.

However having a firearm would have made the situation a little easier to deal with, because the hikers would have known that they had something that could protect them if the lion decided it needed a hiker-sized snack.

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