Hiker Missing for 3 Days Has Special Gift Waiting Beside Her When Police Arrive

Hiker Missing for 3 Days Has Special Gift Waiting Beside Her When Police Arrive

Animals always have a way of surprising us. While we may not always think it, our pets can be some of the most loyal and intelligence creatures we will ever meet, and can really help us out when we need it most.

Kimberly Haines learned this lesson when she got lost while walking on a trail on Mount Teneriffe in Washington state. The woman was missing for almost four days (she was found on Thursday), and her dog stayed with her the entire time, KIRO reported.

Now that is what I call loyalty. It is amazing that this dog stayed by Haines’ side for the three days.

KOMO News reported that Haines’ dog was fine as well. The dog was taken to the local veterinarian to be checked out, just as a precaution.

Haines was described by her family as an “avid hiker and marathon runner,” but she had never visited that particular mountain before. Her skills as a hiker probably helped keep her alive during the three days she was lost.

When Haines was found, she had only minor injuries, which is remarkable considering how long she was lost.

The Seattle Times reported that rescuers were able to find Haines after they got a GPS signal from her phone. For most of the days she was missing, authorities had been unable to get a signal from her phone.

“This morning we got data from her cellphone that had GPS coordinates … We helicoptered in two rescue hikers, and those hikers worked to those coordinates,” explained Sgt. B.J. Myers of the King County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

“It looked like she found a water source and was staying near that.”

That was undoubtedly a move that helped Haines survive, but having her dog with her during this ordeal had to be a great help, too. Just simply having a companion around would probably do wonders to help ease the panic of being completely lost in a strange place.

The loyalty of dogs is legendary, of course. Even after a long separation, the animals have been known to be overjoyed to be reunited with their humans once again.

I’m sure Haines, and her dog, aren’t going to forget this experience for a very long time.

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