High School Bans Flags on Cars and Trucks – Here’s How Students Responded…

High School Bans Flags on Cars and Trucks Heres How Students Responded

When a secondary school in Minnesota decided to ban all flags from being waved, as a response to Confederate flag waving carried out by students earlier, many stood in revolt and orchestrated an well though protests.

As students came back to school this year, they learned the ban has entered into force, which caused the Rockville, Cold Spring population to express rebellion towards the decision, which was enforced as a result of the Confederate flag waving from the last semester. As authorities at the school said, the flag waving was insulting to others.

However, students were not about to let this be the last of it, so they organized a protest in the school parking lot, by parking patriotically marked vehicles, carrying the nation’s symbols and flags.

The first to arrive at school that morning had this to witness:

Amazingly enough, this brilliant tactic encouraged school administrators to rethink the flag ban, allowing the practice to be carried out once again.

The Star Tribune had a sit-down interview with a high school senior, reporting:

Rocori senior Cole Staneart, who organized the protest over the ban that would have kept him from flying the American flag from his truck to honor those who serve in the military, said he understands the concerns over the Confederate flag and will help school officials keep it off the campus.

“If I see students [flying] a Confederate flag, I’ll ask them to take it down,” he said. “It’s not appropriate.”

I guess that what happens when you stand behind what you believe in. Great job, you guys!

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Source: conservativemedia.com