Here’s the Truth Behind NFL Logo Kaepernick Doesn’t Want You to Know

Heres the Truth Behind NFL Logo Kaepernick Doesnt Want You to Know

The NFL might appear to be a hotbed of anti-American radicals at the moment, but one look at league’s revered logo would suggest things were different not so long ago.

The logo, which has remained almost unchanged since it was designed in 1960, is made up of a shield that features a football in a field of eight stars at the top and the letters “NFL” in the bottom.

The colors on the logo are red, white and blue, which just so happen to be the colors of Old Glory — a symbol so many players have chosen to disrespect.

American Films Blog reported that the colors of the logo were “carefully selected” to match the colors of the American flag, so it would always be identified with our great nation.

The logo has been revised twice, according to ESPN, and the first version of the logo included vertical lines beneath the field of stars going down to the bottom of the shield, making it look eerily like the stars and stripes.

It’s not surprising that the NFL used the colors of the flag when designing their logo — it seems almost a natural thing to do considering football is all-American. What is surprising is that an organization that took such pride in what America stands for has become so infiltrated with scheming liberals and politically correct cowards.

Today, the instantly recognizable logo appears everywhere, including the base of football jerseys, on the left leg of players’ pants and the back of the players’ helmets.

The truth of the matter is, every time a player wears the NFL insignia, he’s showing support for the league’s choice — and by extension for the American flag, whether he admits it or not.

It might pain former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other disgruntled football players to learn that the organization that has afforded them the opportunity to make millions is so deeply rooted in the love of the country that it goes all the way back to its humble beginnings.

But would help them to remember it — now more than ever. And that’s another truth.

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