Here’s the 1 Photo of a Democrat National Convention Libs Don’t Want You to See

Heres the 1 Photo of a Democrat National Convention Libs Dont Want You to See

During the Democratic National Convention of 1924, something occurred that the liberals want us to forget about. The left would like us to ignore its racist past and instead point blame for hatred and bigotry on conservatives, but this one photo shows that the DNC had ties to the Ku Klux Klan for ages.

In 1924, the Democratic National Convention, also known as the “Klanbake,” was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The event occurred between June 24 and July 9, and this newly discovered photo shows just how deeply involved the the Democrats were with the KKK.

According to Digital History, in 1924 it took a record 103 ballots for the Democrats to select a presidential candidate. It was a time when the Democrat party was deeply divided because half of its constituency involved those that were pro-Klan, and the other half were anti-Klan.

Let’s just stop there for a moment. You read that right. Half of those in the Democrat party wanted to uphold the traditions and ideals of the KKK while the other half wanted the party to openly denounce the Klan’s ideology.

This is what they were fighting over — though most liberals today won’t admit that their party actually had ties to this organization at all.

The main contenders for the presidential nomination were New York’s Governor, Al Smith, a Catholic who was strongly opposed to prohibition; and William Gibbs McAdoo, a Protestant, who defended prohibition and refused to repudiate the KKK.

While this would probably be an easy choice for us conservatives to make, this dilemma sent the Democrat party scrambling to make a decision, because the party was pretty split in its support for each candidate.

According to the site, newspapers dubbed this convention “Klanbake” as the two sides were arguing bitterly over what the party platform should stand and unite for.

After 61 ballots were cast, the convention was stuck in a deadlock tie. On July 4, around 20,000 Klan supporters showed up wearing white hoods and robes and held a picnic in New Jersey. One of the speakers at that picnic denounced the “Clownvention in Jew York,” while gatherers threw baseballs at an effigy of Al Smith.

A cross-burning culminated the evening.

See the photo below:

The result of that convention was dismal. Both Smith and McAdoo withdrew from consideration after the 99th ballot was cast. After the 103rd ballot, the convention opted to nominate John W. Davis of West Virginia.

In the end, it didn’t matter. As the outlet reported after the outcome of the general election: “Liberals deserted the Democrats and voted for Robert La Follette, a third party candidate. Apathy and disgust kept many home, and just half of those eligible went to the polls. The Democrat candidate, John Davis, received 8 million votes. The Republican candidate, incumbent president Calvin Coolidge, received 15 million votes.”

Democrats like to ignore their past and pretend it’s Republicans who have a racist history. This is simply untrue.

As the The Federalist Papers Project pointed out, “Republicans fought against slavery in the south while Democrats defended it, and while Democrats pushed for segregation and Jim Crow laws, Republicans supported the Civil Rights act of 1964.”

A picture is worth a thousand words. This one tells a story of one of the biggest fallacies of all time… the Democrats have an extremely racist foundation, plain and simple.

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