Hawaii to Start Emergency Tests in Preparation for North Korean Missile Attack

Hawaii to Start Emergency Tests in Preparation for North Korean Missile Attack

Over the past several months, tensions between the United States and North Korea have sharply escalated — reaching a dangerous point Tuesday, when North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile that reached new heights for the country’s weapons program.

The Kim dictatorship in Pyongyang has advanced its nuclear program quickly during the Trump administration, and as a result the state of Hawaii is now going to be testing its emergency sirens, the Washington Examiner reported.

On Friday, Hawaii will test its emergency siren system for the first time since the Cold War. After Friday’s test, the system will be tested on the first business day of each month.

These sirens are designed to warn residents to “get inside, stay inside and stay tuned,” according to the Examiner.

Hawaii has been one of the states most concerned about North Korea’s nuclear program because, up until Tuesday, it was one of the few states that were within range of a potential North Korean nuclear strike.

Fox News noted that North Korea’s test of an ICBM on Tuesday put the entire continental United States within range of a North Korean strike.

It is unclear if other states will follow Hawaii’s example and reactivate their emergency alert systems.

The New York Times reported that while Hawaiian authorities don’t believe that a North Korean missile attack is imminent, they want their citizens to be prepared just in case.

“It is our job to prepare people for any kind of emergency,” explained Richard Rapoza, a spokesman for Hawaii’s emergency management agency, according to The Times.

“So now because of the North Korea threat we are starting to use (the siren system) again.”

It is quite sad that the situation has gotten so bad that Hawaii has to start conducting nuclear siren tests. Americans shouldn’t have to be living like this.

It is past time for President Donald Trump to do something concrete about North Korea. The time for talking and promising to “do something” about the situation is long gone.

Now the entire United States is at risk. As the president, Trump has an obligation to act to defend the United States from this type of threat.

Trump has repeatedly vowed that he won’t let North Korea threaten the United States, and is prepared to use military action.

North Korea’s latest test shows that diplomacy is failing, and North Korea has no intention of backing down.

This country already had to live through a time where its citizens were worried about nuclear weapons raining down on them.

We shouldn’t have to live through that again — not when it is a threat that could be stopped before it reaches that point.

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