Harvey Relief Photo Shows What Obama Did With $150 Billion of Aid

Harvey Relief Photo Shows What Obama Did With 150 Billion of Aid

Now that Hurricane Harvey has dissipated, the cleanup efforts in Texas and Louisiana can begin. Given the amount of devastation, it is estimated by some that Harvey will be the most expensive disaster in the United States history.

Billions of dollars will be needed to help rebuild and repair the massive areas that were destroyed by the hurricane — and that is money that the federal government doesn’t really have to spare.

An image is circulating around social media showing that even though he is out of office, former President Barack Obama actually ties into the post-Harvey financial mess we are finding ourselves in.

The image shows people standing in very high water, and has the caption: “I which Texas had that $150 billion that Obama gave to Iran.”

CNN reported that Obama sent a plane with $400 million in cash on it to Iran in 2016 as part of an agreement to release American citizens being held prisoner by the Iranian government. The $150 billion number comes from Iranian assets that were released by the Obama administration as part of the Iranian nuclear deal.

It should be pointed out that the money that was released to Iran was actually Iran’s to start with — it had just been frozen by the United States under economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Politifact reported that while the $150 billion was released, Iran would only actually see around $60 billion of that money. That’s still way too much.

Under the Obama administration, billions of dollars were wasted on foreign projects, or given to our enemies, rather than being spent on American citizens.

Iran is a terrorist-supporting country that didn’t deserve to get a penny.

Obama absolutely wasted money during his administration. The national debt skyrocketed under his watch, and now President Donald Trump has to clean up the mess, while at the same time finding funding to help Texas and Louisiana recover.

It will probably be years before the true damage caused by Obama is revealed and fixed. Until then, we will just have to find a way to work around the damage he caused.

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