Harvard-Educated Lynch Gets Owned by Congressman From Humble Background

Harvard-Educated Lynch Gets Owned by Congressman From Humble Background

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch might seem less than aboveboard in a lot of her dealings, but it really is one thing to hear about it and an entirely different matter to actually see it happen in front of you.

A video posted on YouTube last year makes the point.

In a July 16 exchange between Georgia Rep. Doug Collins and Lynch in the House Judiciary Committee, Collins tried to get Lynch to deliver a straight answer on a variety of questions, some of which could be answered definitively at absolutely no political cost to her.

She didn’t deliver one straight line.

Lynch, a Harvard Law graduate, was utterly embarrassed by Collins, who graduated from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, according to his website. There’s nothing wrong with Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, but which of those two schools had you heard of before now?

Take a look:

Some of the questions and topics were politically charged — Collins brought up Lynch’s infamous tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton, for example — and although it’s unacceptable for her to dodge and evade, at least it’s understandable.

It’s when Collins brings up traffic law that things start to get weird.

“I got a question for you,” Collins said.

“Riding down the road speed limit says ’55,’ I’m doing ’65,’ have I broke the law?”

Now, that’s a softball. It almost sounds like a question MSNBC would lob to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to make her feel better about losing the election.

Lynch’s response was baffling.

“You would have to ask the highway patrol, they would likely write you a ticket,” she said.

It’s as if the words “yes” and “no” were just erased from her mind. Of course, those in the room erupted in laughter.

What else is there to say? The attorney general of the Untied States just failed Drivers’ Ed.

It’s sad, but it’s in perfect keeping with Democrat politicking doctrine: If you don’t give people a solid answer, there’s no solid answer to be used against you later.

It sounds utterly sleazy, and it is — but at the same time, with a group like the Democrat party, whose tastes and trends are often dictated by what video they most recently saw pop up in their news feed, it’s what Democrat official do to stay in power.

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