Hannity Calls Out Weak Republicans On Demonstrating ‘Zero Identity’ [VIDEO]

Hannity Calls Out Weak Republicans On Demonstrating Zero Identity

Fox News’ Sean Hannity has had enough of spineless Republicans who don’t show the courage to oppose the Obamacare accordingly.

He recently spoke on his show, expressing his anger with weak Republicans who cannot hold their ground and support Trump when he most needs it.

Republicans have “no vision … no identity and … no unity,” Hannity hissed, and continued:

“And at this point, it seems like the only person in the Republican Party who has a vision is articulating that vision, is the president himself. And you see the reaction that he gets and the crowds that show up when he speaks.”

Hannity also belittled the weak effort that is the skinny repeal of Obamacare, saying this serves no one properly.

In these Republicans’ minds, there was a glance of hope that “some kind of health care bill so that they can then go to conference with House Republicans and eventually come up with a plan to do what they promised to do, that’s repeal and replace Obamacare,” he said.

And although Americans were promised improvement, this was certainly not it, Hannity analyzed.

“Republicans, they begged you, the American people, for this opportunity for seven long years. And they are now doing their best to squander it. There’s no other way to spin this,” he pointed out.

Hannity didn’t fail to mention that when Obama was ready to repeal a bill in 2015, all were on board with his call. This is clearly the real, sad picture of the party.

“It makes you wonder if everything you’ve been told for years was just all talk. Now, it sure certainly seems that way,” he said.

” … these senators have put Republican advantages in Congress now in jeopardy for 2018,” he stated.

In Hannity’s mind, Republicans should have come swinging with suitable answers, instead of using this poor political shield.

“Republicans — they had seven years, seven years to come up with a plan, seven years to find consensus and agreement, and that didn’t happen. It’s been one misstep after another. They literally let this all play out in public on TV and radio and in the papers instead of everybody getting in a room, as I suggested, locking the door, taking their
phones, ordering pizza, having beer and Coke and Seven Up and water so that they could have the plan that works for the American people,” he said.

Finally, Hannity was right to attack not Senate alone, but Republicans as a party in whole.

“Aren’t the Republicans — and I’m a registered conservative. Aren’t they supposed to be the party of big and bold ideas? Well, they’re now today the party I say of zero identity. They seem too afraid, too timid, too spineless to go beyond the status quo. They played this way during the Obama years,” he said.

“The GOP is supposed to be the party of repeal, replace. They’re supposed to be the party of freedom and liberty and capitalism and less regulation and government interference in our lives and free market solutions. Right now, they have no vision, they have no identity, and there’s no unity,” he finished.

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Source: conservativemedia.com