Hallmark Stocks “Transformation” Cards for Trans People

Hallmark Stocks Transformation Cards for Trans People

The gift aisle at your local store may soon be getting a surprising new addition: Hallmark is now selling greeting cards for those “transitioning” from one gender to another.

While the cards have likely been sitting on shelves for some time, they recently received attention after a Twitter user named Renata Sancken found them in a local store. “I’ve never seen Hallmark cards for gender transitioning before!” she wrote.

Her snapshot of the card was re-tweeted thousands of times, and liberal news sites including Gay Star News promoted the discovery.

The shared photo shows the card on display in its own section, which is labeled “Encouragement” and “Transgender / Transitioning.”

According to the official Hallmark website, the greeting card’s official name is the “Butterfly Transition Encouragement Card.” As the title suggests, a butterfly is featured prominently on the front of the product, along with the words, “You’re becoming who you’ve always been.”

Setting aside the circular logic of transitioning into someone “you’ve always been,” the inside message continues with vague sentiments. “How wonderful is that?” asks the product. It appears that even greeting card copy writers are unsure of how to approach the subject.

Hallmark can of course print any card they like — this is still America — but the impact of the liberal move has yet to be seen. The greeting card company is closely associated with traditional values, and abandoning the heartland in favor of a modern sexual trend may not be the wisest choice of business models.

Even by generous estimates, the market size for transgender greeting cards is extremely small. A 2016 study conducted by the Williams Institute and the UCLA School of Law found that around 0.6 percent — that’s half a percent — of Americans identify as “transgender.”

Meanwhile, right-leaning people in the country significantly outnumber liberals. A recent Gallup study of political ideology showed that 36 percent of Americans readily identify as conservative. Only 25 percent say that they are liberal, while the remainder fall somewhere in the middle.

That 36 percent versus 0.6 percent gap is a dramatic difference. As retailers such as Target have discovered, abandoning conservatives and pandering to a tiny liberal niche can have a major impact on sales.

The great thing about the free market is that customers can decide for themselves whether to support the company’s left-leaning “butterfly” brand.

If they don’t, Hallmark may find itself scrambling to “transition” back to its core audience in record time.

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