Gun “Training” Video Is Pure Cringe

Gun Training Video Is Pure Cringe

Have you ever seen a gun training video this bad? Probably not. You won’t believe your eyes.

In a post that went viral on Thursday, Facebook user Anton Beukes posted a cringe worthy video of an apparent gun training session at a range reportedly in Brazil.

The video began with four men brandishing handguns and standing with their backs to the camera. One of the men shouted out commands in his native tongue and the so called “training” began as the remaining men spread out and took aim.

The view panned out slightly and as the men firing their guns moved back to shoot at their respective targets, another rushed in toward the targets to stand between them as his counterpart continued to shoot in that direction.

Really? How insane would you have to be to try this stunt?

The lunacy continued as the video quickly changed to another view, with a lone shooter standing directly in front of the camera. However, in the background, flanking both sides of the target at which he’s shooting, what’s does the viewer see? Two men who one would assume are his friends.

Indeed. Two grown men were standing next to a target friend was shooting at. With a gun.

The shooter fired off several rounds as the men calmly held their positions in the line of fire. After exchanging what was likely some sort of witty banter, the men laughed and exchanged high fives before the video cut out.

Grown men foolishly playing with guns in this manner is why gun control advocates around the world are up in arms about firearms. Unfortunately, it’s less intelligent folks like these that threaten to ruin the whole the shooting match for those of us who use guns responsibly.

Thank goodness no one was injured (we think) in the making of this video.

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