Gun Store Owner Gets Cops Called on Him After Displaying Obviously Fake Cardboard Rifle

Gun Store Owner Gets Cops Called on Him After Displaying Obviously Fake Cardboard Rifle

A bunch of liberal airheads from the stupidest state in America reportedly blew their gaskets last November after they observed a Marine veteran business owner waving a large, cardboard cutout of an AR-15 rifle outside his gun store.

The veteran, identified only as Von, had simply been trying to drum up business for his store, “Firearms Unknown,” as per the then-upcoming Black Friday shopping sale, but apparently even this was too much for the state’s liberal snowflakes.

“A couple people just going by flipping me the bird, either scolding me or yelling some type of obscenity out their window,” he told local station KGTV at the time, adding that one even went so far as to call the cops on him, claiming that he was waving around a fake rifle.

“It kind of frustrated me that someone would call and make a false statement like that knowing it is a cardboard sign that’s very flimsy,” he said.

When the cops arrived, they asked him to either stop waving the cardboard cutout or piece together a new sign. He respectfully declined.

“It’s kind of a slap in the face as a veteran,” he noted, the point being that he and many of his friends, some of whom died in conflict, had put their lives on the line for the freedoms afforded by the U.S. Constitution.

“All the amendments matter,” he added. “You hear about a lot of stuff today. You know this matters, that matters. Well I matter and my rights matter. Every American matters.”

Indeed. Learn more about him in the video below:

While not every Californian is clearly a liberal dimwit, as evidenced by Von’s existence, it’s indisputable that the coastal state harbors some of the most radical leftist elitists in the country.

These are people so full of themselves, so brimming with arrogance, that they saw nothing wrong with treating this Marine veteran like garbage; and all because of a completely harmless cardboard cutout of a gun.

In their tiny worlds, simply disagreeing with their draconian demands for gun control makes you an enemy, while outright violating their wishes by advertising the sale of weapons makes you public enemy number one.

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