Gun-Grabbers Silent After Flint Cop-Stabber Proves Shoots Down Major Talking Point

Gun-Grabbers Silent After Flint Cop-Stabber Proves Shoots Down Major Talking Point

Anti-liberty gun-grabbers are usually quick to push for more gun control following terrorist attacks — sometimes even when a gun isn’t the weapon used. They have remained surprisingly silent however following the stabbing of an airport security officer in Flint, Michigan, by a Canadian-Tunisian Muslim man shouting the jihadist battle-cry.

According to WJBK, suspected terrorist Amor Ftouhi first attempted to purchase a firearm at a major gun show near Detroit shortly after entering the U.S. from Canada. After the gun purchase attempt was stymied, he bought a large hunting knife to carry out his attack on the officer

“I can say that the knife was purchased in the United States, somewhere along his trip from New York,” Dave Gelios, lead FBI investigator in Ftouhi’s case, said according to the CBC. “The reason I give that information — I think it’s a good news story that we have an individual who attempted to buy a gun in the United States and was unsuccessful.”

Though unconfirmed, it is suspected that Ftouhi was unsuccessful in his effort at purchasing a firearm at the Gibraltar Trade Center because he isn’t a U.S. citizen. This fact undercuts one of the major talking points of gun grabbers regarding the purported “gun show loophole.” This notion suggests that gun shows allow anyone to buy weapons without a background check or even proof of ID or residency.

As per federal law, any federally licensed firearms dealer set up as a vendor at a gun show is required to conduct background checks on gun purchases. The so-called “loophole” refers to private citizens making private sales of firearms to other private individuals at a gun show, which is not covered by federal law.

Though some states have implemented their own statutes to compel background checks on such private transactions in such locations, Michigan does not have these statutes with regard to rifles and shotguns, according to The Daily Caller. However, state law does require a prospective purchaser of a handgun to have either a concealed carry license or handgun purchase license in order to legally buy a handgun in a private sale.

WJBK reported that after Ftouhi was unable to purchase a firearm at the gun show, he instead decided to use an “Amazon Jungle Survival Knife” that he had purchased elsewhere in the U.S. to stab Lt. Jeff Neville in the neck while shouting “Allahu akbar!” at the Bishop International Airport in Flint.

Neville survived and is reportedly in good condition following the attack while Ftouhi was subdued by other officers and taken into custody.

He now faces up to 20 years in federal prison stemming from a charge of committing violence at an airport. Hopefully he is convicted and receives the maximum sentence.

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